About This Blog

Why Does This Blog Exist?

This blog is just a mass repository for things that I don't want to burden my wife with (she has to listen to me blather on enough about things she doesn't understand/care about, and this blog lightens her burden somewhat. When I think of it, I'm lucky to have ever found a woman willing to marry me). A while ago I decided that I needed to listen to all my CD's in order. As I started listening, I thought I should review them. Then I started reading comic books and collecting action figures and whatnot, and I just started reviewing things and blathering on and on about every little nerdy thing that interests me. So yeah, this blog allows me to get things off my chest without burdening my friends and family with my opinions.

How do I Use This Blog?

I figured that not every person who comes to this blog for an album review is going to be interested in superhero action figures. I have tagged each entry in this blog by topic, so they are easy to browse. For the music reviews, I just went with a generic music tag because I really don't want to have to decide which genre things belong in. Anyway, by using the "Topics" bar on the right side of the blog, you can look at all the entries on a particular topic. You can also use the search engine in the upper left corner of the blog to search for specific things. I'm going to keep writing in this blog until I have reviewed every album, video game, comic book, and other knick-knackery I own. I keep collecting, so this blog will likely only end when I become too bored with it to continue.

Why Should I Care What the Author of This Blog Has to Say About Anything?

You probably shouldn't. Blogs are very self-serving. I haven't told any of my friends or family about this blog, so if you find yourself reading these words, you don't know me. I'm pretty much just stroking my own ego with this blog, so you're better off hitting the back button on your browser and going back to whichever part of the internet you came from.