Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flake Music - When You Land Here, It's Time to Return

Do you like The Shins? I know I do. Are their three studio albums not nearly enough of their unique indie sound? I know it's not enough for me. That's why I own this Flake Music album.

Before they came to be known as The Shins, they were know as Flake Music and they were part of a lively Albuquerque indie scene that spawned Scared of Chaka, The Rondelles, and several others that I am too lazy to look up. Anyway, this album sounds basically just like The Shins, but without the high production values of Chutes Too Narrow. There are only 8 tracks listed on the back cover, but there are 11 tracks on the disc itself. There are 3 untitled interstitials on the album, which are placed fairly randomly. It's the sort of thing that drives me nuts because I like to know the titles of the tracks I'm listening to.

As for the music itself, just imagine what The Shins would sound like if they were a little less produced and a little rougher around the edges. Even so, if I played this for you and didn't tell you it was Flake Music you would definitely think that it was an earlier incarnation of The Shins that performed under a different name.

Five Iron Frenzy - Quantity is Job 1 EP

This EP was my introduction to the fantastic Ska/Punk of Five Iron Frenzy. Five Iron Frenzy are as versatile as you could ever want a Ska/Punk band to be. They can rock hard, they can roll sweetly, they can cover ELO and make it sound completely natural, they can dish out high quality comedy, and they can dabble in absurdity. Add to that versatility the vocal talents of Reese Roper, and it's a savory combo.

I highly recommend "My Evil Plan to Save the World" "Dandelions" "Sweet Talkin' Woman" (Yes, they cover The Electric Light Orchestra and knock it out of the park) "The Untimely Death of Brad" and every single ridiculous track of the pants opera. So that's over half the EP. I can say without hesitation that if Ska/Punk is your bag, you will dig this EP big time.