Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flake Music - When You Land Here, It's Time to Return

Do you like The Shins? I know I do. Are their three studio albums not nearly enough of their unique indie sound? I know it's not enough for me. That's why I own this Flake Music album.

Before they came to be known as The Shins, they were know as Flake Music and they were part of a lively Albuquerque indie scene that spawned Scared of Chaka, The Rondelles, and several others that I am too lazy to look up. Anyway, this album sounds basically just like The Shins, but without the high production values of Chutes Too Narrow. There are only 8 tracks listed on the back cover, but there are 11 tracks on the disc itself. There are 3 untitled interstitials on the album, which are placed fairly randomly. It's the sort of thing that drives me nuts because I like to know the titles of the tracks I'm listening to.

As for the music itself, just imagine what The Shins would sound like if they were a little less produced and a little rougher around the edges. Even so, if I played this for you and didn't tell you it was Flake Music you would definitely think that it was an earlier incarnation of The Shins that performed under a different name.

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