Sunday, November 20, 2011

Five Iron Frenzy - Quantity is Job 1 EP

This EP was my introduction to the fantastic Ska/Punk of Five Iron Frenzy. Five Iron Frenzy are as versatile as you could ever want a Ska/Punk band to be. They can rock hard, they can roll sweetly, they can cover ELO and make it sound completely natural, they can dish out high quality comedy, and they can dabble in absurdity. Add to that versatility the vocal talents of Reese Roper, and it's a savory combo.

I highly recommend "My Evil Plan to Save the World" "Dandelions" "Sweet Talkin' Woman" (Yes, they cover The Electric Light Orchestra and knock it out of the park) "The Untimely Death of Brad" and every single ridiculous track of the pants opera. So that's over half the EP. I can say without hesitation that if Ska/Punk is your bag, you will dig this EP big time.

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