Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Different Blog, Same Unremarkable Content

I used to have two blogs that I tried to keep simultaneously. One was a boring and unremarkable blog about music and the other was a boring and unremarkable blog about nerd stuff (mainly Nintendo reviews). It became a huge burden to support these two blogs. The main problem is that I have no idea how to write reviews and make them seem at all legitimate or interesting. I don't have an incisive mind for music, I just know what I like. I don't know how to write anything that will justify the rankings I give the games I review. I just don't believe I have the prowess.

Consider this blog a debt consolidation. Instead of working with two blogs I'm underequipped to run, now I just have the one. So that's pretty good. Oh, and you can look forward to more defeatist ramblings like this one as time goes on. It's something I do.

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