Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Police - Roxanne b/w I Can't Stand Losing You

This may very well be another jukebox single although it does not have the title slip. The b-side of "Roxanne" is not "I Can't Stand Losing You" or vice versa. This might even be a promo or radio station copy.

After "Every Breath You Take" the two songs on this record may very well the next two best/most popular Police songs. When you think about it, The Police tackled a lot of dark subjects in their music. We've already covered stalking and murder on the "Every Breath You Take" single, and this record covers prostitution and suicide (the cover of the normal "I Can't Stand Losing You" single features a picture of a man who has hung himself. Needless to say it was a bit controversial). Somehow The Police manage to cover dark material and not only does it not seem dark, it seems perfectly normal. Tipper Gore should have given up on chasing down the Judas Priests of the world and let Sting have his day in court (maybe he did. My knowledge of those hearings is limited to what VH1 told me. Apparently Twisted Sister and Frank Zappa were there).

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