Thursday, January 12, 2012

The White Stripes - There's No Home For You Here b/w I Fought Piranhas/Let's Build a Home

I love The White Stripes despite not liking Jack White as a person. Remember when Jack White did that movie with Jimmy Page and The Edge and he was asked what he thought would happen when the three of them got together? Jack White said he thought it would turn into a fistfight. What a cocky/ridiculous thing to say. Apparently his version of a fistfight is blowing smoke up your own butt and playing "The Weight" with two new buddies. He has talent out the wazoo but let's please not let anyone tell him. Remember the scene where he makes a homemade guitarlike contraption and then tells the kids at home, "Don't let anyone tell you that you have to buy a guitar." Even when he's ostensibly saving people money he seems like he's full of himself.

Anyway, "There's No Home for You Here" is standard White Stripes fare. It's a bluesy fuzzed-out garage-rockish song that fits in with everything else The White Stripes have ever done. I love the b-side however. It just turns psychobilly crazy in the middle and really rocks the socks off itself. It's the sort of music that makes me wish I knew less about the guy who wrote it.

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