Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kiss - Detroit Rock City b/w Beth

If ever there was a classic Kiss single, this is it. Let me state right off the bat that I am not a Kiss fan. I have tried and tried to add them to my repertoire, but it just hasn't taken. I am a fan of just about every band in the "If you're a fan of [insert band here], you'll love Kiss" category and yet Kiss fandom eludes me. I think it's due to two factors: 1) you sort of have to be in the right age group for Kiss. If you were of an age where the Kiss army was at its zenith and you were looking for inclusion and a chance to be cool, Kiss provided that. Being born in 1979 makes me a little young for that age group. 2) I have never seen the spectacle. I know there's blood and fireworks and jewish men in makeup flying on cables and all that, but having never seen the spectacle, most of the music fails to move me.

I feel like a bit of a jerk because every time I listen to Kiss I wish they rocked even as hard as, say, a Warrant or a Faster Pussycat. The music seems like it doesn't quite rock hard enough to justify the costumes and pageantry of Kiss. I know this will not sit well with the hardcore Kiss fans, but please remember that I'm not old enough for Kiss to have the effect on me that it did on you.

Anyway, "Detroit Rock City" is one of the better and harder-rocking Kiss songs. We all know the story of "Beth" which was included as what the band though was a bit of a throwaway track (why else would you let the drummer sing it?). Then magically people took to the b-side just as much if not more than the a-side. I do like "Beth," but even so I can think of power ballads I like more. I'm not a Kiss hater, I'm just a guy who doesn't get it. As such I can give this single no more than

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