Thursday, January 12, 2012

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence b/w Mephisto

This is another 50 cent bin rescue, and I think I really got away with one here. This is clearly a jukebox record because it included the pink jukebox name tag and came in a white sleeve (the retail version came in a blueish/purpleish sleeve with the rose from Violator). There is a similar record selling for about $100 on ebay right now, which means I basically stole this record.

"Enjoy the Silence" is one of the best songs from the very best album Depeche Mode ever made (seriously, if you prefer any DM album to Violator you're just wrong. Deal with it). The version on the record is the single mix, which means it doesn't include the ambient noise found on the album version. The b-side "Mephisto" is a spooky little instrumental track. It's not particularly special. It sounds like it could be in a video game soundtrack (something along the lines of The 7th Guest. Remember that game? My friends raved about it). All in all this is a good single which is worth a lot more than I paid for it. I do find it a little odd that this single came out in 1990. That seems a bit late to be releasing vinyl jukebox singles.

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