Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Wildebeests - She Lives in a Time of Her Own b/w Monkey Loving Girl

When I first started hanging out at Eastside Records (the former greatest vinyl spot in the world. It sadly closed its doors last year) and was introduced to the concept of garage rock, The Wildebeests were the first band I really took to. I bought up every single Wildebeests 45 and LP I could get my hands on. I think this may have been my first purchase.

"She Lives in a Time of Her Own" is a cover the 1960s psychedelic cult heroes The Thirteenth Floor Elevators original. They decided to cover this song when they discovered that their bassist could do the odd vocal runs you hear in the background of so many Thirteenth Floor Elevators tracks. Having heard both versions of this song (are there others? I'd love to hear them) I actually prefer The Wildebeests over the original.

The b-side on this record is "Monkey Loving Girl." It's a merseybeat-ish garage rock tune that tells you everything you need to know about The Wildebeests. I only wish I could ever see these guys live. Next time I'm in the UK I suppose (I'm never in the UK).

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