Friday, January 13, 2012

The Tri-City Thundercats - Rapid Transit f/w Simulacra

The Tri-City Thundercats are a band from the Tempe, Arizona area. At least one of the guys in this band used to work at Eastside Records and was instrumental in introducing me to garage rock. He was a part owner of the now defunct I Don't Feel a Thing Records. He and some buddies got their hands on a vinyl press and started cranking out 45's. I even talked to him about pressing a record for my band. It never happened, but we talked about it. He didn't seem enthusiastic.

This record is unique in that it has no b-side. It has two songs on the front side and absolutely nothing on the back (hence the f/w. Normally a 45 is b/w or backed with the b-side). Despite being from Arizona, these two tracks sound British. They have a britpop crossed with garage feel to them. I really like it despite the fact that one of the owners of Eastside Records once told me that he thought The Tri-City Thundercats (I love their name) sucked and that the guys in the band who worked the night and weekend shifts at the store were morons. He may have told me that when I bought this record. I probably wouldn't have said that if the store wasn't tragically closed now. Anyway, if you'd like to hear a garage-ish bunch of Arizonans sound like Brits, this is your 45.

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