Friday, January 13, 2012

The Wildebeests - Punk 45

This EP is comprised of 100% punk covers from some of the most classic punk bands in history. They are: "Public Image" by Public Image Ltd., "1 2 X U" by Wire, "I Wanna Be Loved" by Johnny Thunders, and "Garageland" by The Clash. All of these songs come from a time when punk was punk. It was dirty, rebellious, and raw. Fauxhawks need not apply.

The Wildebeests bring their trademark lo-fi treatment to all this classic punk and it sounds great. Every time I drop the needle on this one it sounds like The Wildebeests are rocking out in my basement, and I don't own a basement. I especially love "Garageland." If ever there were a theme song for these lairds of boss racket and their tank pock, this would be it.

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