Friday, January 13, 2012

The Wildebeests - 4 Instrumental Hits

This is one of many Wildebeests 45's I picked up in my quest for perfect garage rock. This ain't it, but it's still good garage rock.

The Wildebeests have this great primitive sound that permeates everything they do. They call themselves the lairds of boss racket, and they are exactly that (whatever it is). Every record they put out could have been recorded in a garage in Minneapolis circa 1965. Why Minneapolis? Because I was trying to pick a place I've never been that seems unassuming. I could have gone with the Adam Carolla standard Battle Creek, Michigan but that would be a copycat move.

As the name of this EP would imply, there are no (well, practially no) words on this record. On the song "Commanche" (a Link Wray cover) they occasionally shout "Commanche." Other than that and some coughing in the background of "Woodbine" it's all instrumental. If you dig the likes of Link Wray, this little platter might be right up your alley.

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