Friday, January 13, 2012

American Soul Spiders - Anyway Anygirl b/w Now I'm Alone

Before they were known as Teengenerate, this Japanese garage punk outfit was known as American Soul Spiders (which is a vastly superior name if you ask me). The same group would eventually rename itself as Firestarter despite having basically the same personnel. It's the opposite of what we do in America. Somewhere in this country a band calling itself Foghat is touring and playing both of your favorite Foghat hits despite the fact that the only original member is the drummer. That's how we roll in America. Apparently in Japan you can trot out the same four dudes and be three or four different bands in a career. I like their system better.

Anyway, Japan has a history of cranking out the highest quality garage rock and American Soul Spiders (still lovin' that name, by the way) are no exception to that sweeping generalization. They have a biting edge in both the fuzzed out guitar work and the whining high-pitched vocals (a minus in any other genre, but it really flies in garage rock). They blaze through both tracks on this 45 like their guitars are plugged into a bomb and they'll die if they go under 300 BPM. Yes, I just made reference to a movie I have never seen. Is it too late to see Speed? I hear it's super good.

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