Thursday, January 12, 2012

Devo - Workin' in a Coal Mine

Hey world. Did you know that Devo has songs other than "Whip It"? I'll bet you didn't. With the way you only play "Whip It" one would assume that you consider Devo a one-hit-wonder instead of the quirky genre-bending band with a message (the name Devo is an abbreviation for de-evolution. Devo was founded on the idea that humans are becoming dumber, less evolved, and more ape-like as time goes on. This philosophy would explain the kids from Jersey Shore perfectly) that they are. Devo has several good albums and waaaay more songs of note than "Whip It." Also, you need to know that the Pet Shop Boys catalog is deeper than "West End Girls" and a-ha's discography extends waaay beyond "Take on Me."

That said, "Working in a Coal Mine" is a merely decent Devo song. It's obviously a cover of the classic Allen Toussaint tune. Devo was always a bit weird in selecting their covers. They also covered "Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones. For a band as strangely skewed as Devo I suppose any song would seem an odd choice for a cover. At any rate, Devo cranks out a workmanlike cover of "Working in a Coal Mine" on this single. There is no b-side, it's the same song on both sides of the record.

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