Thursday, January 12, 2012

'68 Comeback - Flip, Flop & Fly b/w He's My Everything

Now this is garage rock in its purest form: raw, noisy, and continually nodding to the greats that came before. '68 Comeback's name is an obvious reference to Elvis Presley's famous comeback special, and the first track on this 45 is a Big Joe Turner cover (that has also been covered by Elvis himself). Apparently Jeffrey Evans (lead guitar, vocals) is a musicologist and is wont to go digging through old tunes and resurrecting them. They do a fine job of that here.

The b-side on this 45 is "He's My Everything" which I suppose is an original (no songwriting credit is included). From front to back this little 45 is solid garage rock gold. It has plenty of what the boys over on the reranch message boards (for all you guitar finishing needs link here) call "squonk factor."

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