Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Beta Band - Out-Side

I, like every other non-liar, first heard about The Beta Band while watching High Fidelity. Shortly thereafter I became the sort of guy who collects vinyl. I might try to tell you that I owned records prior to seeing High Fidelity. This is both true and misleading. I grew up with vinyl, but I willingly sacrificed it the same way I gave up tapes for CD's and Atari for Nintendo. I picked all these things back up when it became cool to do such things, but I stuck with it because I genuinely like it. It can't be for the coolness factor because now I'm an overweight guy in my 30's who reads comic books. I can do nothing to achieve coolness. Once you reach the point where you can't do something ironically (like wear a fanny pack or have a mullet, for example) you have simply lost the ability to be cool. Frankly it's astoundingly liberating to not have to worry about being cool.

Anyway, The Beta Band is always hard to pin down. This 45 actually has the same song on both sides, but you wouldn't know it to hear it. The b-side is a remix, but it isn't the "same song with a bass beat" type of remix. I just happened to be in the mood to hear a little Beta Band today, so this was soothing to the ear. The sky is grey and the weather is cold and The Beta Band is the perfect soundtrack.

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