Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Zutons - You Will You Won't b/w Nightmare Part 1

"You Will You Won't" is my favorite Zutons track. It just has a certain semi-funky groove that I find charming. I tried to put it on a garage rock mix once, but it didn't fit. I suppose the problem with the track (and The Zutons in general) is that their sound is too clean for garage rock audiences and too clean for mainstream audiences (unless you happen to live in the UK in which case they're probably just right). Either way they didn't make my mix and thereafter I was left scratching my head at what exactly to do with them. This may be a common problem or I might be the only person who gives them this much thought. Either way "You Will You Won't" is a good song and this will not be the last time I listen to it (can't say that for The Coral now can I?).

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