Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Black Keys - Leavin' Trunk b/w She Said, She Said

This is the pride and joy of my entire collection. This limited edition 45 is hand numbered (mine is 262 of 1000), hand printed, and includes a photograph that is both artsy and fartsy.

The music is awesome. Both tracks are covers. "Leavin' Trunk" is a traditional blues number that has been performed by just about every blues musician since the inception of the blues. Inasmuch as The Black Keys have a serious appreciation of the blues, it makes sense that they would cover this song.

"She Said, She Said" is a less obvious choice. The Beatles' song in which the words of an acid tripping Peter Fonda are attributed to a woman doesn't seem near The Black Keys' alley at all, and yet they rock it out. Here's the important thing to note: I don't like Beatles covers. What can you possibly do to improve upon a Beatles song? Practically nothing. The list of approved Beatles covers are as follows: "She Said, She Said" by The Black Keys and "Let it Be" by Aretha Franklin. That's it so far. You can take your I Am Sam soundtrack or Across the Universe soundtrack and cram it.


  1. You should give Link Wray's instrumental cover of "Please Please Me" a listen.

  2. I love Link Wray. My Dad was a surf rock fan from way back (The Ventures were his favorite band) so I've been brought up knowing about Link Wray. Anyway, I don't think I'd heard his cover of "Please Please Me" before, so thanks for the tip.