Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Promise Ring - Falsetto Keeps Time

The promise ring fills a spot on the 1990's indie scene that falls somewhere between Pavement and Cap'n Jazz. You can tell that they understand how to play a straight up rock song, but they choose to tip it on its ear just a bit. This 45 is pressed on grey marbled vinyl which just looks fantastic. That's a thought I just had to throw in there.

I love The Promise Ring, especially the Nothing Feels Good/Very Emergency years. As I stated previously, I went through a phase where I was actively searching out the strangest/least trod music I could find and I came across some real great things along the way (as well as a truckload of unlistenable garbage that I pretended to enjoy in order to look smart. That's college for you).

This record has three songs. The two on the b-side ("Saturday" and "Scenes From Parisian Life") are both pretty good, but I prefer the a-side "A Picture Postcard." It's exactly the delicately tragic sound that needed in college and yet it still sounds amazing to my ever-aging ears. It's very Built to Spill/Sunny Day Real Estate-ish. I recommend it to fans of any of the bands I have mentioned in this post.

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