Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Police - Every Breath You Take b/w Murder By Numbers

Is there anything I really need to tell you about "Every Breath You Take"? It's the song about stalking that's so good it made men think stalking was a normal thing to do and made women think it was a desirable perk of being attractive. Later on VH1 would have 20 different people tell the same joke about how creepy the lyrics are. Ultimately nobody cares. It's still a great song.

The b-side "Murder By Numbers" is standard Police fare. The only interesting thing about it is that it appears to be promoting murder. Is this 45 really just Sting's Plan A and Plan B for an ex-girlfriend? "First I'll stalk her and if that doesn't work out I'll kill her." If "Murder By Numbers" teaches us anything it's that murder is super easy. I wish fewer people in this world were aware of that.

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