Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Phantom Planet - The Happy Ending b/w Clockwork

Phantom Planet is a band whose best work was behind them way before they released their critically acclaimed album The Guest that included the overplayed eventual theme from The O.C. "California." In case you were wondering (and you weren't) Phantom Planet's best album is Phantom Planet is Missing. Despite the fact that Phantom Planet has failed to reach their formerly glory or former number of famous actors behind the drums, later Phantom Planet releases are still quite enjoyable.

The a-side of this single could just as easily be from The Guest. It's right on par with everything the band has done since "Local Black and Red" cast its inescapable shadow. If you're wondering why I speak so slightingly of Phantom Planet's later music, it's at least partially due to a conversation I had with Alex Greenwald (lead singer, snob) in which he trashed the band's first album because I asked him why they never play songs from it anymore.  Maybe he was having a bad day and I was in a mood to blow things out of proportion but the fact remains: Phantom Planet Is Missing is the best album Phantom Planet is capable of. It also features the most famous drummer they will ever have. This single is ok.

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