Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Carpenters - The Singles 1969-1973

Along with Boston's self-titled debut, which you should own because there are a zillion copies and it's really really good, and Frampton Comes Alive, which you should own because there are a kazillion copies and it's better than you think, every vinyl collector should also own this Carpenters compilation. Why? Because it's everywhere and because you like the Carpenters more than you think you do.

Remember this scene from Tommy Boy? Well that's actually how the Carpenters work. I bought this album because my parents used to own a lot of Carpenters stuff and it's the only concert my Mom has ever been to. Anyway, the first time I dropped the needle on this record and heard "We've Only Just Begun," it really worked on me. Let's just say that I was attacked by a sudden cloud of dust and pet dander which made it look for all the world like I was openly weeping to the first song on a Carpenters compilation. I double dog dare you to listen to this album and see if your room doesn't get dusty all of a sudden. If the music itself doesn't do it, just think about what a ball of talent Karen Carpenter was and how her untimely death could have been prevented. There will be waterworks. This is a top-to-bottom solid introduction to the music of The Carpenters. Buy it, cry to it, don't let your friends see.

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