Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fighting Golf aka Lee Travino's Fighting Golf (NES Game)

Fighting Golf is pretty darn good as far as vintage gold games go. It's no Golden Tee, but it's a highly playable and fairly enjoyable game. I also love how downplayed the Lee Travino sponsorship is. Travino's name doesn't appear on the end label at all, and it only appears in very small print on the front label. Maybe the game really wasn't licensed by Mr. Travino and SNK was hoping he wouldn't notice if they made the type small enough.

Sponsorships aside, Fighting Golf has everything you'd expect in a golf game from this era: club selection, power meter, overhead map, silly name, wind gauge, scorecard, etc. Fighting Golf really doesn't have any features you couldn't find on any other golf game from the era except one: it's actually possible to shoot under par in Fighting Golf.

I can't tell you how many golf video games I've played where it is practically impossible to shoot even par. Even worse, none of these games have handicapping systems. I don't know why I love golf video games. You would never catch me on the links in real life. At any rate, Fighting Golf is simple enough to actually be able to play well. Just practice the power meter a bit, and sink a few putts and you're basically a pro. Fighting Golf is by far the most enjoyable golf game I've played on the NES. I do have to downgrade it a bit because it can get a little boring, but maybe I should upgrade it for being boring like golf is in real life. Meh. I'm giving it...

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