Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cut to the Chase

So I started grad school recently and it has been kicking my hiney. I'm actually surprised I have time enough to write as many words as this sentence contains (16). I've been kicking back and forth the idea that I should give up on this blog business and go on my merry way, but I can't. The problem is the modern world in which we live. Somehow I've gotten it through my head that people in the world want to know what I think about stuff because I'm important (Actually, about 500 people in Europe really want to know about Bon Jovi because that page has 500 hits and everything else has bupkis). So I'm going to keep this thing going, but I'm going to keep things short and shorter. I might still throw an odd rant up every now and again, but all my reviews will be tweet sized or smaller (unlike this entry which is really to long inasmuch as the goal is to tell all zero of my faithful readers that I intend to write shorter entries. I'm enigmatic. What can I say). So that's why I'll be doing truncated reviews from now on. Deal with it.

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