Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blind Faith - s/t

Blind Faith is one of the most interesting things to ever happen to rock. The more I learn about the story of the band's creation, premature touring and quick burnout, the more I want to know. If you want to know more, look here for a fairly extensive breakdown.

Anyway, Blind Faith is comprised of some of the 60's best musicians. It all started when Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood decided it might be nice to work together. They grabbed Ginger Baker from the freshly defunct Cream, and Rick Grech from Traffic. Before the band could really get off the ground, rumors swirled and the public clamored for whatever it was that Winwood and Clapton were doing. This self-titled album as well as the band itself were rushed out to the public before they were ready. All the pressure from the media as well as the expectations of the fans basically killed the band in six months. One of the greatest rock and roll combos of all time didn't even get a full year in. It's freaking fascinating that we have anything to remember this band by.

Anyway, Blind Faith sounds like what you get when four great musicians get to start some ideas but not really flesh them out the way they would if they had any amount of time to put a spit shine on the album. There is something lacking in Blind Faith, but there's also something amazing there. It's an almost voyeuristic experience. I feel a little guilty for ever hearing this album, but only a little. It's an amzing slice of blues rock and one of my favorite things in the Clapton catalogue. You owe it to yourself to know about and hear this album.

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