Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Advantage - Elf Titled

Elf Titled, not to be confused with The Advantage's self-titled album, is actually the first video game cover album I ever heard and the entire reason I own several albums in this genre. I vividly remember walking into Zia's and hearing the theme song to Air Fortress, a nice underrated NES game. I wondered who would bother to learn the music from an NES game most people don't even bother to play, and the guy behind the counter gave me the answer: The Advantage.

Elf Titled has a few advantages over its predecessor. First of all, the audio quality is slightly better on this album. Most video game cover album tend to be pretty low fi, but this one is half decent in terms of fi. In addition to the step up in sound quality, this album boasts a better set of songs. They cover things like Mega Man 2, Castlevania I, II, and III, Metroid, and Double Dragon II. Of course the crown jewel for me is Air Fortress. It has pretty great music regardless of what you may think of the game itself. Anyway, if you buy only one video game cover album, I recommend this one.

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