Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Black Keys - Thickfreakness

Legend has it that The Black Keys recorded this self-produced masterpiece in a mere 24 hours. I wouldn't put it past them. They're freaking magical.

"Thickfreakness" is actually the first Black Keys song I ever heard. It showed up on a punk compilation, of all things. As soon as I heard the growling distorted feedback that opens the track, I knew I was dealing with forces beyond my comprehension. I bought the album as soon as I had the scratch, and it hasn't stopped blowing my mind yet. The Big Come Up put The Black Keys right up there with The White Stripes. Thickfreakness put them up there with Led Zeppelin (and no, that isn't blasphemy. Jimmy Page is a big Black Keys fan). Seriously, go listen to the title track and tell me they aren't the greatest thing to happen to distortion since Link Wray's "Rumble." Or better yet, go watch this live version and see that they can pull it off live just as easily as they can in the studio.

The fact that The Black Keys are now taking over the world with their current album El Camino comes as absolutely no surprise to those of us who jumped on the bandwagon early. All we want to know is what took the world so long to figure out the fact that The Black Keys are the best thing going in rock and the best thing to come along in a long time

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