Friday, March 8, 2013

The Aquabats - Yo, Check Out This Ride

My wife and I saw The Aquabats in concert shortly after this EP came out. This 5 track EP really only has 2 great songs: the title track and "Throw Away the Trash." I think I really only love "Throw Away the Trash" because in the Aquabats show we went to, Kitty Litter was the villain and after he littered the audience with plastic balls, MC Bat Commander held up a trash can and the crowd tried to throw the balls into it. It was a crazy ton of fun, so I tend to enjoy the song.

As an EP, Yo, Check Out This Ride doesn't really offer enough to be a necessary purchase for most fans. If you're a completist, this EP won't be a disappointment, but it's more of a very light musical snack than a meal.

Baleeted? No, but only because of my lifelong loyalty to The Aquabats.

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