Thursday, March 14, 2013

Walter Carlos - Switched on Bach II

This record is one of the most enduring parts of my childhood. We used to spin this one on the family turntable all the time. As I've become an adult with kids of my own, I have actively tried to make this record a part of their lives as well. So far neither of my children seem partial to it (my daughter has developed a fondness for The Beach Boys, which is nice) but that doesn't mean I won't stop pushing it on them.

While the some presented on Switched on Bach is good, the more on Switched on Bach II is even better. The voicing is impeccable and I have come to view many of the performances on this album to be definitive versions (particularly the two part inventions and "Sheep May Safely Graze").

If you need more evidence of this album's greatness, read the back cover in which Robert Moog praises Carlos and his ability to make the Moog do things even its inventor didn't know were possible. Carlos is a master of his/her instrument, which actually overshadows his/her mastery of Bach.

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