Friday, June 17, 2011

Barker Bill's Trick Shooting (NES Game)

Barker Bill's trick shooting is a simple light gun game that feels a whole lot like Duck Hunt. It's even got that freaking dog who laughs at you with the same exact sound effect from Duck Hunt (see picture above).

I found Barker Bill's Trick Shooting to be a pretty tough little cookie in some of the modes. You basically have the option of shooting at balloons (which raise wildly and unpredictably) plates (which move faster than you think) or random falling objects (hard to gauge when to shoot). I found myself pulling my chair up right against the screen and shooting from point blank range (an unforgivable sin in Duck Hunt).

This game, although tough, doe shave its charm. The graphics are bright and visually appealing. Barker Bill (who looks like a circus ringmaster) and his assistant (who looks like a Vegas waitress) are well animated and fairly lifelike for an NES game. They'll actually chew you out if you let plates that you were going to shoot crash to the ground below. The dog is just as infuriating as he is in Duck Hunt, which I suppose is the whole purpose of his being.

Despite the fairly steep difficulty (at least compared to Duck Hunt) Barker Bill's Trick Shooting is a nice light gun title for the NES that you'll probably enjoy on some level or another. I'll give it...

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