Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boulder Dash (NES Game)

Boulder Dash is a game I already knew well because I've played it a billion times or so on my trusty rusty Atari 800XL. The major difference between the NES version and the Atari version is that your character in the NES version is a little miner while the Atari version features a little alien. The NES version also features a Super Mario 3 style stage selection screen. Aside from that it's basically the same game with slightly better graphics.

Boulder Dash is a classic maze game. Your little miner must dig his way around the screen picking up diamonds and avoiding falling boulders and other hazards. All it takes is one accidental death to figure out what will and won't bring boulders down on your head and you'll pretty much have the gameplay figured out. Like Bomberman, this is a really simple game. While it doesn't push the limits of the NES, it's enjoyable to play. I think my fondness for the Atari version of this game makes me enjoy the NES version a little less. There's really nothing wrong with the game, but it doesn't really stand out as one of the best things the NES can offer. Boulder Dash gets...

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