Sunday, September 25, 2011

Comfort in Sound- Feeder

This is the album Feeder put out after their drummer committed suicide. As a result, it is a personal and pondering introspection on life and loss. This is also the first and only Feeder album I know. I actually saw them on the tour supporting this album. They were opening for Rooney, but if you ask me they put on a better show than Rooney did. That's why I went out and picked up my copy of this album.

I have no idea what other Feeder albums are like, so I can't make any statements about how Comfort in Sound is artistically different from previous efforts. I can say, however, that on this album Feeder sounds intimately aware of their own mortality. It's not that every song sounds weepy. Much to the contrary, each song sounds like it's making the foot-dragging walk away from a graveside at the end of a funeral. It's a beautiful sadness. There is a great blend of acoustic and electric guitars on this album, and the synths are all timely and understated. More than the songs themselves, I just enjoy how this album sounds.

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