Saturday, September 24, 2011

Survival of the Fattest

Back when I was really into punk (yes, I did rock a mohawk. Thanks for asking. No, it wasn't a faux-hawk. I shaved the sides and spiked it up because that's how things are supposed to be done) there were two major punk labels that despite having vast means and national distribution still managed to have a good amount of cred, which is no small feat in the punk scene. The two labels are Epitaph (which was founded by Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion fame) and Fat Wreck Chords (which was founded by Fat Mike of NOFX fame). Both labels had (and still have) large stables of great bands, and both labels put out great compilations. This is one of them.

Survival of the Fattest features the cream of the Fat Wreck Chords crop. Many of the songs are fantastic, and some of them are not. I recommend the following songs to our ears: "Justified Black Eye" by No Use For a Name, "Mother Superior" by Good Riddance, "Raum der Zeit" by Wizo, "Rotten Apple" by Stung Out and "Vincent" by NOFX. The Wizo track is the best song on the album and without question one of the greatest punk songs I have ever heard. Also, I have no idea what the song is about because the lyrics are all in German. Dig it.

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