Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ash- Twilight of the Innocents

Fie on Infectious Records for never releasing this album in America. Don't they know the deal? Every Ash album should be released in America with bonus tracks to boot. I was forced to acquire this album through ambiguously legal means because I couldn't even get it as a digital download when it came out in the UK. I like to give Ash money. They have given me immense joy over the years, and I feel I should always give them money wherever possible. Shame on Infectious for keeping cash out of the band's pockets.

Twilight of the Innocents is the first combo-breaker of the band's career. The odd-numbered albums were supposed to be the dark, prickly ones, and the even-numbered ones were the poppy light-hearted affairs. Meltdown, the album immediately preceding Twilight of the Innocents was dark and prickly, but Twilight of the Innocents doesn't follow suit with Free All Angels-esque pop.

"I Started a Fire" kicks off the album in classic Ash fashion. The song has both hard rocking instruments and a beautiful melody, which has become the band's calling card over the years. The second track on the album, "You Can't Have it All" is equal with the first. After knocking the first two tracks out of the park, the rest of the album cools off a bit. I honestly don't think I can highlight any of the remaining tracks, but I will say that they are all pretty good. They aren't a Free All Angels murderer's row, but they aren't at all disappointing either. Taken as a whole, Twilight of the Innocents isn't quite as good as Meltdown, but it's still very good.

Baleeted? No. Not while it's my only means of listening to this album.

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