Friday, April 5, 2013

Asleep in the Sea- Little Heart EP

I used to have a friend named Amber who was friends with the guys in this band. She picked up this EP back when it was titled Little Heart and not Yay! O.K. Yeah?, which I think was just a later title for the same thing.

Asleep in the Sea is a now defunct local indie pop outfit which wrote simple sounding tunes that almost sound like songs from children's tv shows, but with swearing. I only like one of the songs on this EP, but the whole thing is fairly pleasant. The recommended track is "Annie," but I know people who are more partial to "Seahorses." I think I would like this EP more if I knew the guys in the band, but I don't.

Baleeted? Yeah. Amber has deleted herself from my life, so I think it's time to delete her music from mine.

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