Friday, April 5, 2013

At the Drive-In - This Station is Non-Operational

At first glance, This Station is Non-Operational appears to be a simple greatest hits compilation, which is not necessarily a bad thing for a band which brings passion and fury to everything they've ever done. While all y'all who already own the band's studio albums and EP's may not think you need this compilation as well, don't be too hasty.

The first half of this album covers a somewhat predictable selection of At the Drive-In hits, but the second half is filled with rarities, including a couple of very interesting covers: The Smiths' "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" and Pink Floyd's "Take Up They Stethoscope and Walk." There are also a couple b-sides, a remix, a BBC session track, and a lone track from the Sunshine split. These rarities (especially the covers) are reason enough for hardcore fans to pick up this fantastic compilation.

Baleeted? No. Too many good things happening here to even think of baleetion.

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