Friday, April 5, 2013

Asia - Greatest Hits

When I was in high school, my dad acquired a new turntable, just in time for my mom to have thrown out the majority of our records. In order to have something to spin, my best friend brought over some records his much older brother bought in high school. The records were 4 by Foreigner, Into the Gap by Thompson Twins, Ghost in the Machine by The Police, and Asia by Asia.

There were only two songs that I really ever liked on that album. "Heat of the Moment" on the A-side and "Wildest Dreams" on the B-side. I loved those two songs, and didn't particularly care for any of the rest of it. I thought that if there were 2 great songs per Asia album, Asia's Greatest Hits would be awesome. Unfortunately, it appears that the only two worthwhile songs the band has ever released are "Heat of the Moment" and "Wildest Dreams."
Lesson learned.

Baleeted? Almost. The two good tracks got in the way

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