Friday, June 14, 2013

Belle and Sebastian - I'm Waking Up to Us

I'm Waking Up to Us did two things simultaneously: it dispelled any myths surrounding Belle and Sebastian's ability to achieve continued musical greatness, and it set the stage for the band's sublime comeback enacted by Dear Catastrophe Waitress.

From an evolutionary standpoint, this is where Belle and Sebastian got a little louder. This isn't whispers like "Fox in the Snow," they crank the amps up to 5 and belt out "I Love My Car," which is my favorite Belle and Sebastian EP track. Seriously, go listen to "I Love My Car" right now if you haven't heard it. It's one of the most ingenious tracks in the band's catalog. While it feels like a track too short, this EP is still one of the best in the catalog of a band that takes its EP's as seriously as their LP's.

Baleeted? No. "I Love My Car" is one of my favorite things, musical or otherwise.

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