Friday, June 14, 2013

Belle and Sebastian - The Life Pursuit

The Life Pursuit is another step down the new stylistic road forged by Dear Catastrophe Waitress. When you listen to a track like "We are the Sleepyheads," it's hard to believe that this is the same band that gave us "Stars of Track and Field." There's a vibrant and zesty feel to the new Belle and Sebastian sound, and I happen to like it.

The only knock that I can lay on this album is that it's not quite as fun as Dear Catastrophe Waitress. There's no innuendo-laden "Step Into My Office, Baby" or shimmering "Wrapped Up in Books." While not quite as fun as I'd hope, The Life Pursuit is still highly enjoyable and a promising indication of where Belle and Sebastian are heading in this era of their career.

Baleeted? Nope. It's not surprising, right?

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