Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Anberlin - Lost Songs

The thing about Anberlin's b-sides and bonus tracks is that they pull out a lot of cool covers which show that their musical interests reach far beyond the scope of pop punk. While I already owned "The Promise" and "There is a Light That Never Goes Out," I hadn't yet heard Anberlin's fantastic cover of "Enjoy the Silence." As far as covers go, they also offer up a workmanlike cover of Radiohead's "Creep" as well as a highly unnecessary cover of Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone."

The originals on this album are pretty standard Anberlin fare. Some are alternate versions of album tracks while others are b-sides and unreleased tracks. They're all pretty good and could have easily been put on Anberlin's studio albums. Lost Songs is a nice album as far as odds and ends compilations go, but it's not quite as good as Anberlin's studio output.

Baleeted? Nope. I enjoyed the silence too much.

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