Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Apples in Stereo - Electronic Projects for Musicians

Electronic Projects for Musicians is the second of two rarities collections from The Apples in Stereo. Whereas the first rarities compilation, Science Faire,  was a major disappointment, Electronic Projects for Musicians is far more substantial.

Named after the seminal book which teaches musicians how to build their own distortion pedals, headphone amps, and other cool stuff (I own the version of the book with the pop out 7" record in the back. Who else remembers when books and magazines would come with ultra thin square records that you could punch out and slap on your turntable? Those were the days.) Electronic Projects for Musicians provides the thrills its predecessor simply lacked. There are several standout tracks on the album (first and foremost is the album opener is "Shine (On in Your Mind") and only a few real misses. This isn't quite as strong as The Apples' studio releases, but there are plenty of reasons why hardcore Apples fans should own this one.

Baleeted? No. I love The Apples in Stereo too much.

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