Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ben Harper - Burn to Shine

I feel like I have been giving Ben Harper nothing but chances for years now. I mainly feel obliged to listen to his music because I was once going through the belongings of a close friend of mine who passed away at a tragically young age, and I found several Ben Harper albums in his collection.

After all the chances I've given the man, I think it's time to admit that Ben Harper doesn't penetrate my soul at all. I know he's a fantastic musician. He might very well be the greatest steel guitarist on the planet. Even so, I just can't dig his music. It goes in one ear and out the other. I find myself wishing I was listening to something else while at the same time acknowledging that Ben Harper is a super talented dude worthy of my respect.

So do I like Fight For Your Mind at all? No, I really don't. I can't explain it to myself, so I can't possibly explain it to anyone else. I acknowledge the quality of the man's work, but I leave it for everyone else to enjoy.

Baleeted? Yes, Because I just don't dig it at all.

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