Monday, August 26, 2013

Ben Kweller - Go Fly a Kite

After a jaunt into country which nobody could have foreseen, Ben Kweller returns to classic form on Go Fly a Kite. As a matter of fact, the album opener "Mean to Me" opens with some of the loudest guitar work in the Ben Kweller stable. It immediately shows that not only is he back doing what he's always done, he's still reaching for new heights. If nothing else, you have to respect Kweller's relentlessness.

There are only a couple hints of Changing Horses left on Go Fly a Kite. "Out the Door" and "I Miss You" are a little country-tinged, but that's about it. The rest of the album is straightforward Ben Kweller pop craft. "Jelous Girl" could fit on Sha Sha just as easily as it does here. This is classic Kweller. If nothing else, it's just good to hear him rocking out again. He's really really really ridiculously good at it.

Baleeted? No. This is what I always want Ben Kweller to do.

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