Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick hit the scene like nothing before them or since, unless you count Weezer (which I do). They were half pretty boys rockstars and half schlubs. They were all at at once hard rocking and hilarious (check out "He's a Whore" if you need to know what I'm talking about). They were both glorious and weird and gloriously weird as well.

I posted before about how Cheap Trick is perfectly formulated to appeal to every human being on earth on some level. I absolutely believe that to be true. You just can't say anything bad about a band that does everything so well. They're like Scottie Pippen: doing everything you could ever want them to do while constantly being underrated.

Cheap Trick's self-titled debut is a perfect album. I found myself both banging my head and laughing out loud as the album unfolded. I actually played through this album twice in a row (a rarity because mp3's have given me a sort of musical ADD) because I didn't feel like I squeezed all the enjoyment it deserves out of my first listen.

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