Monday, August 26, 2013

Ben Kweller - On My Way

This is Ben Kweller's sophomore slump, by which I mean it's only slightly less awesome than Sha Sha. This is still a compilation of great songs with varied arrangements which indicate both the depth of Ben Kweller's talent and the breadth of his musical taste.

On My Way is bookended by teo of the best songs in Ben Kweller's catalog with "I Need You Back" and "Hear Me Out." Considering the greatness of those two songs, everything in the middle should be just gravy, but it's not. It's better than gravy for two reasons: 1) I hate gravy. Saying something is gravy is like saying it's a bowl of heated earwax. Either way I ain't eating it. 2) Tracks 2 through 9 and 11 stand up just fine on their own. On My Way is another fine Ben Kweller album, but it's just a nose short of the greatness of Sha Sha.

Baleeted? No. I think you'll find that I'll be keeping all my Ben Kweller.

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