Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beulah - The Coast is Never Clear

While I have enjoyed all three of the Beulah albums I own, The Coast is Never Clear just makes me giddy. Part of it is the fact that I love the title and cover art to an almost ridiculous degree. The other half of the equation lies in the music. This is the very best Beulah is capable of. From When Your Heartstrings Break it's clear that this is a band with a very high ceiling, and they blast right through it on this album.Just take a listen to a song like "A Good Man is Easy to Kill" and I think you'll be blown away as well.

I think this album is best expressed in the following Venn diagram:

Anyway, this is by far my favorite Beulah album. Everything about it is perfect. If you haven't given yourself the pleasure of listening to "Popular Mechanics for Lovers," get off your duff and do it. Also, bonus points if you pick up on the Magnetic Fields reference.

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