Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beulah - When Your Heartstrings Break

Elephant 6 is such a solid label/musical collective that you could pick up almost any album they've produced and enjoy it. That's pretty much what was at work when I got into Beulah. I had listened to every single Apples in Stereo record, and had given my lone Olivia Tremor Control album a few spins. I just needed some more E6, and Beulah fit the bill.

I planned on enjoying this album, but I didn't expect Beulah to be quite as good as they are. This is some exceptional power pop with impeccable arrangements that border on Left Banke-ish retro perfection. The horn section brings a Bacharach feel to many of the songs on this album, which only adds to the retro-deliciousness already present on this record. This is clearly the work of a perfectionist, and the result is stunning.

Baleeted? Not so long as I still enjoy 60's-inspired pop.

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