Sunday, August 25, 2013

Johnny Cash - Time-Life Country & Western Classics

I picked this 3 LP set up at a yard sale, which is usually not my style. I find that yard sale vinyl (and thrift store vinyl for that matter) tends to be all scratched up. There's nothing worse than picking through a crate of records, finding one you really want, and pulling out the record to find deep scratches and cat hair all over the surface. I'll pay the extra couple bucks to go to a record store where I know that someone else has okayed the record before I find it in the bin. Anyway, I was at a yard sale, and was surprised to find that this set was actually in fantastic shape, as was the Marty Robbins set I also purchased. Despite the sparse album artwork, this is actually a pretty great compilation.

Yes, there are better compilations of Johnny Cash's work (I really like Love, God, Murder both for its excellent packaging and its thematic presentation of Cash's music) but this is three LP's worth of solid Johnny Cash. You really can't hate on it. The sound quality is generally good, the song selection is about what you want/expect. This is a solid compilation which you can probably acquire without spending too much. Nothing wrong with that.

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