Monday, July 2, 2012

The Swingtips - Let's Play Some Ball

I bought this album at Tower Records on Mill Avenue back before Tower went belly-up and Mill became a corporate schlocky thing where fun has been outlawed and looking down your nose at everyone you meet is the order of the day. So yeah, although I don't think much of this album, it does remind me of simpler times.

Let's Play Some Ball is a swing jazz album from Arizona's own Swingtips, a band I was completely unaware of despite getting into the swing jazz scene at precisely the time this album came out. Let's Play Some Ball is okay. It has some decent moments, but it also sticks to the whole re-imagined 1940's thing that Royal Crown Revue and others are guilty of. Anyway, let's throw some stars down and not get too sidetracked.

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